Congress exposes how BJP’s Greedy CM bulldozed an unlawful Bhumiputra Bill illegally despite red flags from his own Revenue Minister & Bureaucrats

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The legislative assembly was planned from the 28-30 of July 2021. The business to be undertaken is decided much earlier and proper protocol needs to be followed for any introduction of a bill or other matters of relevance where the concurrence of the house is required as per statute.

In the case of the bhumiputra adhikarini bill was supposedly introduced by the CM as per his budged speech of 2021-22, the CM moved the note only on the 27th of July a day prior to the assembly session.

The bill was initially sent to the Revenue department who raised questions from requesting for more time, to the bill violating rights under article 300A of the Constitution of India as well as that not being in consonance of the SC Judgement in the matter of Jaspal Singh v/s State of Punjab with regards to unauthorised structures in public lands.

The Revenue Minister Ms. Monseratte on 29th July, flagged the bill on lot of counts primarily being interests of private owners, government, Communidade, constructions in NDZ, cRZ, Ecosensitive zones etc and rather proposed detailed discussions of the bill.

The same was then sent to the Law department on 29th July which further raised the questions of the bill having to be sent for the consideration of the President of India due to it violating Article 300 A of the Constitution.

On the 30th of July the notings of the Revenue Secretary Sanjay Kumar clearly stated that the bill has not been administratively approved by the Revenue Minister and it needed time to be examined.

On 30th itself the file was submitted to the Finance department and the Under Secretary Finance Mr. Pranab Bhat noted that the proposal is not recommended as it requires more detailing and that the introduction of the bill is not recommended.

Even after all adverse comments of the revenue, law and finance departments as well as the Revenue Minister, the CM overruled the same and gave financial concurrence.

The cabinet note was then presented by the revenue secretary at 2 am in the morning on 30th July with a clear caution to the Government of future ramifications.

The bill was then circulated to the members of the Assembly early in the morning of 30th at around 4 am to be discussed in the assembly as per the business mentioned in few hours time.

The notings and the comments clearly expose the ulterior motive of the BJP Government in misleading the general public who would fall for such political gimmicks as it was well known much before hand that the bill would not stand the test of legal scrutiny as well as that it would require Presidential accent.

This act of the Govt is akin to what they did with the Mining issue wherein they gave people false hopes that they would challenge the decision of the Supreme Court and ultimately failed to do so as they knew from before that they would not be able to get a favourable verdict from the Hon. SC .

Congress party warns the people of Goa not to fall for this unlawful and illegal gimmick akin to the multiple false start that this BJP Govt has given them especially in mining which was struck down by Honble Supreme Court

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