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Aam Aadmi Party Youth Wing All India Vice President and Goa state coordinator Siddhesh Bhagat said that Congress is afraid of the AAP and knows that only the AAP can defeat the BJP government, thus they continue to attack the AAP with illogical points instead of the BJP.

Bhagat condemned the recent remark of Indian Youth Congress President Srinivas BV on AAP; who claimed that the AAP hasn’t done anything in Delhi and that it has been lying.

Bhagat said, “The AAP has won three consecutive elections in Delhi while the Congress lost the elections. The AAP government has also implemented free power and water schemes and given women free rides in Delhi government buses”.

“Congress is crying foul that the AAP will split non-BJP votes in Goa. It should look into its own backyard first. In every state Karnataka, MP, Punjab and Goa, the BJP formed the government even after the people voted for Congress. This clearly shows who the BJP’s B team is”, he added.

He said, “Congress claims to have developed Delhi, yet they have lost all the elections since 2014. Their vote share has fallen below five per cent, while AAP’s vote share has jumped to 51 per cent. The Congress party which contested 66 out of the 70 seats in the Delhi Assembly Election, it lost its security deposit in 63 of the seats”.

“Congress reached a point where they have to visit a temple to swear not to defect, whereas earlier they visited temples to seek blessings to win elections”, he added.

He further said, “In spite of recently taking an oath that Congress members would not defect, Congress leader from Calangute Joseph Sequeira joined BJP on January 25. Among all the leaders jumping parties, only AAP candidates have been talking about Goa’s development”.

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