Current CZMP draft will prove to be a death blow, AAP leaders echoed in today’s hearing

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Aam Aadmi party leader Cecile Rodrigues busted out at the government over the CZMP meeting which was held in a haphazard manner in North Goa. Cecile stressed saying that they tried to postpone the meeting yet it was been conducted. We need to raise our issues because of our costal belt. The port limit is showing right up till the governor’s house, where there are lot of houses which have not been marked in addition to this people have their boat house, their own houses which are not marked on the map said Cecile Rodrigues. the demarcation misses lot of information and most of the costal belt going under the port limits will destroy the fishing community and not just for now but for years to come the beauty of the costal belt and Goa will be destroyed by this plan.
AAP leader Valmiki Naik brought out the silent feature that AAP is going to take ahead for this CZMP Public hearing is the CRZ plan which was implemented with objectives to protect the fishermen community and also the costal environment, which the current CZMP has violated. He further added that the party will pit across various points through the legal process that includes the general points, Taluka level points, constituency level and costal level. Valmiki naik said that the meeting was conducted in illegal manner while the state is battling the pandemic on the other hand government is calling a huge gathering for a public meeting. Secondly the weather condition outside being rainy and the condition out there is very pathetic to enter or even exit. AAP leader have actively taken part in this meeting in the north and south and will put all the petitions of the people and the points concerning costal belt and the environment of goa he concluded.
Along with Valmiki Naik, Manuel Cardazo who was also present for the public meeting the north said that the meeting started with many people still in the que to enter the premises to listen to the hearing, where the most of the important presentation was missed by the public waiting outside. He called it a total harassment by the BJP government and the proposed plan to be full of errors.
While the party Vice President Pratima Coutinho expressed her opinion outside the south SGPDA Ground where hundreds of people waiting in a long que to enter for the public hearing. She said the registration process should have started 3 days prior to the event to avoid such long ques or have multiple entries to make it easy for the public to enter, but now has become a complete torture by the Government. Partima also questioned the government on the lines of the covid norms saying the said meeting has violated the norms of the state level curfew, which can be the cause for the third wave in goa. We condemn this act of the government which is playing with the lives of the goans and goa’s ecology.
Venzy Viegas present with Vice president of AAP Goa also lambasted on the government based on the notifications under the ministry of environment, forest and climate change, which had procedures for conducting public hearing but where in has violated the norms prescribed by the government. The meeting is carried out without the participation of the public being outside waiting to enter. The CZMP plan is missing out on lot of information. He also stated saying there were many senior citizens in line and elderly women waiting in the que which shows government is not bothered for the Seniors and their health. Venzy appealed to all the Goans and the advocates whether the hearing was in compliance with the appendix 4 of the notification if not call for a legal action. This is the complete failure with no covid protocols, no systematic approach and that government is misusing its powers in Goa

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