Goa Congress files police complaint against Chief Minister Dr. Pramod Sawant and Health Minister Vishwajit Rane.

Demands that both be booked under 302 and other sections of the IPC.

The Congress party in Goa has filed a formal complaint with the Agacaim police against Chief Minister Dr. Pramod Sawant and Health Minister Shri Vishwajit Rane over deaths of COVID patients in Goa Medical College and Hospital due to Mismanagement and lack of oxygen.

In the complaint, Goa Pradesh Congress Committee president Girish Chodankar stated that Mr. Pramod Sawant & The Health Minister Vishwajit Rane are solely responsible for the death of hundreds of people in GMC due to lack of oxygen because of the intentional, rash and negligent Act on their part which amounts to culpable homicide Causing the death of hundreds of people and thereby he has committed the offences under section 302, 304, 337, 338 read with 34 of the Indian Penal Code, 1860.

Girish Chodankar has pointed out that despite the Goa Association of Resident Doctors flagging the oxygen shortage, the government failed to rectify the deficiencies and on the contrary Government officials now after 15 days of letter from GARD, say that deaths are taking place in GMC due to logistical issue in supply of oxygen.

“Because of this rash and negligent act of the Chief Minister Mr Pramod Sawant & The Health Minister Mr Vishwajit Rane, hundreds of patients who were admitted in this hospital died due to lack of oxygen supply to the patients since April 2021 till date. The hospital was not having sufficient quantity of oxygen cylinders and therefore patients expired as they could not get any oxygen. This is nothing but the cruel death which the patients have met due to the rash and negligent act of the Chief Minister & The Health Minister of Goa,” states the complaint.

The GPCC chief referring to the statement made by Vishwajit Rane that “the deaths have occurred between 2:00 am to 6:00 am on daily basis.”, pointed further that despite knowing there was interruption in supply of oxygen during the dark hours, Rane and the government headed by Dr Pramod Sawant did nothing to address the issue and patients continued to die.

“The public at large in Goa were looking at the chief Minister and the health Minister and were expecting that they will with full heart support them in such critical condition, but to the contrary due to the reasons best known to them they have committed these heinous offences resulting

into the death of large number of patients suffering from COVID-19 and for this inexcusable act they should be severely punished,” Chodankar demanded.

While speaking to media Chodankar said this complaint is not politically motivated but lodged in public interest. We want to fight for innocents people who lost life due to fault of CM and HM and we want to give justice affected families.