PANAJI: Dempo Sports Club has announced the re-opening of their Residential Football Academy at Ella-Old Goa from Saturday.

After much deliberation, the idea of the restart has been discussed in detail, and after ensuring that the health and wellbeing of each player and staff involved was

well catered to, a decision has been taken, to commence operation of the Academy.

In totality, there will be 48 players returning to the complex, with 24 in each of the Under 15 and Under 18 Age Group Teams. The players are scheduled to

arrive at the venue in the morning and will be briefed about all the new rules and regulations in place, to ensure a smooth and safe transition to life back at Ella.

A comprehensive set of SOP’s have been drafted and will be shared to all the concerned individuals, ensuring each and every box has been ticked with regards to health

and hygiene. An activity chart for the return is also in place to streamline the execution of the plan.

Speaking about the restart, Dempo Group chairman Shrinivas Dempo, said, “We have been primarily contemplating a restart to life at the Academy for some time now, the overriding priority has always been the Health and Well-being of all the Staff and Players involved. Sports teaches us to deal with hardships and this is nothing different, just a challenge to overcome. I’m excited to see the boys back at the facility and as always, will be following their professional and personal development very closely.”

Technical Director of the Club, Anju Turambekar,  added, “After all these challenging months, we are excited to get our boys back to the Academy. As we resume, we will be considering the physical and psychological welfare of our boys. We will be conducting a battery of tests in the first few weeks to gauge their current levels and take it from there. We will slowly build up their capacities and look to be ready once the competitions resume.”