PANAJI: The 9th annual Global Sustainability Film Awards (GSFA) organized by tve (UK based television for environment) and the highly successful India-based Difficult Dialogues have come together to present the first annual event to a global audience from November 16 to 20, 2020.

Adhering to COVID regulations the event will be online, showcasing the Awards across eight categories and 108 films, announcing winners judged by an internationally eminent jury.

There will be invigorating discussions, through Difficult Dialogues, on contemporary and futuristic solutions for the environment and global sustainability including ‘Changing the Mindset’, ‘The Role of Innovation in Bringing About a Sustainable Future’, ‘What Will Our World Look Like in 2050’, ‘Hidden Stories: Impact Journalism, Business and Politics of Sustainability’ by world-renowned experts.

Difficult Dialogues, now in its sixth year, has this year taken its unique platform for the youth, Daring Debates, international. After five successful editions across cities in India, Daring Debates will have its grand finale on November 16 where winners from Africa, Bangladesh, India, Myanmar, Nepal and USA will compete with each other, thereby bringing together university students from different backgrounds, ethnicity and countries to discourse policy ideation and formulation. To further encourage youth participation GSFA-tve 2020 also has the Youth Film Award.

The t/ve Global Sustainability Film Awards (GSFA) has made its mark for recognizing outstanding films from the business, non-profit, media, and creative sectors that inspire audiences with real-world solutions for a more sustainable future. Its significance is further enhanced in the present environmental crisis amid a lack of political and social consensus to implement necessary change, as films can be a powerful tool to raise public awareness, shift public opinion and inspire action. GSFA entrants and winners represent the best sustainability storytelling from around the world helping in the fight for a more sustainable planet.

The uniqueness of GSFA which is also tve’s main annual fundraiser, is that film submissions come from businesses and organisations delivering sustainable solutions. The different categories are designed to recognise different types of storytelling formats which speak to different audiences, from films aimed at engaging staff to news stories and feature documentaries. Some of these categories lend themselves more to submissions by companies and organisations, while others are more targeted at media and filmmakers. But to win, the films must tell an important sustainability story and convey that story in a compelling and effective way. The winning films are selected by t/ve appointed independent shortlisting panel and judging panel, sustainability specialists, and film/communications experts.

This year the experience of the viewers and partners will be further enhanced by the partnership of tve and India-based organization, Difficult Dialogues, which is an annual three-day forum based on themes of contemporary relevance. At its core, Difficult Dialogues comprises intensive serial discussions on a different theme every year between diverse stakeholders ranging from academics, young talents, celebrities, activists, politicians, and leaders from the media, business, and international organizations. This year the series of topical and provocative discussions will be online and connected to the themes of GSFA.

In its sixth year, Difficult Dialogues brings the added attraction of its hugely successful leg called, Daring Debates, ensuring the participation of the youth from across the world in policy ideation. The young and highly talented youth from India, Nepal, Myanmar, UK, and Sri Lanka will participate in the grand finale of the Debates on 16th November 2020.