Ex-Thivim Congress Block leader Uday Salkar joins AAP along with entire Congress Thivim Block

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Goa Congress Thivim Block leader Uday Salkar along with the rest of the block members joined Aam Aadmi Party on Thursday in the presence of AAP Goa desk in-charge Atishi, AAP Panaji Candidate Valmiki Naik and AAP’s CM candidate Advocate Amit Palekar.

While speaking to the media Palekar said, “Businessman Uday Salkar is well known for his work in the Konkani film industry and is a popular drama artist. AAP has received a very encouraging response from people in the state in its bid to bring change. This is why a growing number of people are joining the party”.

“Many people expressed their support after I talked about eliminating corruption. They asked me how long it would take to end corruption. It won’t take a long time. It will take 24 hours to do it. Just bring about discipline and put it in the minds of government servants that it will not be tolerated. Why should it take six months or a year? Corruption is rampant in Goa but I assure you, 24 hours is all it will take to put things in order. You just need conviction to achieve it and we will do it”, he added.
Uday Salkar said, “The Congress Party used me to gain political advantage in Thivim. Just two years ago Congress was nowhere to be seen in Mapusa. I worked hard for the Congress and they betrayed me”.

“Arvind Kejriwal has transformed Delhi’s educational and health infrastructure in the last six years. I urge Goans to vote for AAP and witness the change”, he added.   

AAP Panaji Candidate Valmiki Naik said, “We founded the AAP to bring a change in politics. We wanted to give a better alternative to the Goans. In the run-up to the elections, all the other political parties are busy discussing alliances or their political strategy. Contrary to that, AAP has declared its 31 candidates, Goa’s vision plan and a CM candidate that has been endorsed by Goans. AAP has been receiving great support from the Goans because it is number one on all counts”.

Delhi MLA and Goa desk in-charge Atishi said, “We welcome Uday Salkar to the party. Having been impressed by the AAP’s plans for the state, Congress Thivim Block leader Uday Salkar joined the AAP. He has been looking for a way to emulate Arvind Kejriwal’s work in Goa. He wants uninterrupted free power and water supply, good roads, and employment opportunities for Goans too”.

Adding she said, “The announcement of AAP’s CM face has sparked a wave of positivity in the state. In coming days, many people will join AAP”.

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