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Art has the power to create immunity in one person that he becomes immune to any other factors asserted Minister for Art and Culture Shri. Govind Gaude and added that an artist is always ready to face any kind of challenges as he sees it all, appreciation as well as criticism.

 He was speaking as the Chief Guest at the inauguration ceremony of Aarambh Kalaghar a training institute of the ‘Aarambh by youth of Goa’, held at Warkhandem, Ponda yesterday.

Shri Gaude said, Not every artist require money for their performances, but the appreciation from the audience gives him much required satisfaction. He also recalled the memories of his acting days.

 Shradha Naik, President of ‘Aarambh by Youth of Goa’ said that Aarambh Kalaghar is a training institute for fitness classes like zumba, PG/Elastro yoga, goan traditional music and art classes for kids.

Vighnesh Naik, aarti artist, Sagar Borkar, dindi artist, Sagar Naik Mule, artist, Asawari Naik, cake maker, Sarvesh Murgaonkar, Zumba instructor, Bhumesh Naik, Rangoli artist, Shradha Naik, Lyricist and Director of Aarambh Youth of Goa were felicitated at the occasion for their contribution in their fields.

‘Aarambh by youth of Goa’ is one of the Goan YouTube channels which is known for its diverse content on YouTube. their main focus is on keeping alive the traditional Goan music by using the local traditional instruments like Ghumat, Shemel, Taso, Duff etc. their video-song ‘A Konkani Navratri song’ reached 1.90 lakhs views and ‘Katamgal Dadachi Kani’ reached 1.30 lakhs views on YouTube this month. They were among the first YouTubers to pay tribute to the first Martyr of Goa’s Liberation movement late Bala Raya Mapari in the form of a video- song as informed by the Department of Information and Publicity.

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