GCCI  appeals to the public to respect the services of Medical professionals

Manoj Caculo , President of Goa Chamber said  that he  is  appalled at the instances of physical   attacks  on medical  professionals  in the State.  He  said  that  one  should  appreciate  that the  Doctors, nurses  and  other  health workers  are  working  round  the clock  to fight the pandemic  and  save lives. Braving  the  high risk  that they  are exposed  to, staying away  from their families  and  despite  of inadequate  resources, manpower and  infrastructural facilities, they  are trying to give their best.  Attacking such selfless professionals  cannot  be  justified under any  circumstances. 

Chamber applauds the great work being done by all the medical professionals and health workers and appeals to them to continue their services despite the insensitive behaviour of a few.  The state values and needs your services. Chamber also appeals to the State Government to ensure that proper security is provided and the safety of medical professionals and health workers is ensured at all costs.