MAPUSA: If only many youth in Goa had let loose their creative genius with a little guidance, during the lockdown, we could have so many inventions. George D’Souza, from Parra, has no engineering background, but his firm resolve to fulfill his passion, hard work and a little help from friends, helped George to fabricate an electric by during two and a half months of the lockdown, when he had come down to Goa from Mumbai. 

George initially started with the drawing board sketches. He then consulted his friends from engineering and then took help from Paul Fernandes, a fabricator and his friend Derrick D’Souza and got things going.

The electric bike fabricated by George, can do 50-km per charge and 100-km with a higher power battery. The on-road and off-road bike can do 50-km per hour but has been locked at 25-km per hour so that one does not require a licence or a number plate. The battery has to be charged for two and half hours.

The two-wheeler was fabricated at the workshop of Paul Fernandes, who helped George a lot with the execution of his dream bike. The motorcycle is basically a prototype. The battery alone costs Rs 19,000 apart from the cost of the bike. But the battery comes with a company’s five-year warranty and can be replaced.

Right now George is looking for a financer for his bike to manufacture it on a large scale. 

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