Goa is in the grip of a COVID-Tsunami at present. We have already lost nearly 400 Goemkars in the last one month. On an average more than 2000 cases are added every day for the last several days. The average positivity rate is above 30%. The CRITICAL HEALTHCARE SYSTEM is totally stressed with shortage of Beds, Oxygen, Life-saving Medicines and Equipment. The Healthcare Workers especially Doctors and Nurses are at a breaking point.

In the given grim scenario, it is crucial that all of us rise above our differences to say in one voice: ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! WE DON’T WANT MORE GOEMKARS TO DIE!

For this to happen, GFP in consonance with the advice of Dr. Anthony Fauci, the World’s foremost American expert on Infectious Diseases, suggests the following URGENT measures:

• LOCKDOWN! SHUTDOWN! HOME-BOUND! Whatever you want to call it. STOP/MINIMIZE Human Interactions IMMEDIATELY for a few days (15 days ) to STOP the Transmission and REDUCE THE CASELOAD.
• We must do whatever is possible to reduce the CASELOAD at present which is the most urgent thing to reduce the load on the CRITICAL Healthcare System and SAVE LIVES of Goemkars.

• Ramp up Infrastructure such as BEDS, OXYGEN, LIFE-SAVING MEDICINES, EQUIPMENT, etc.
• RECRUIT Doctors, Nurses and other Critical Personnel (even if RETIRED) IMMEDIATELY, even if on a Short-term or CONTRACT-BASIS.
• RE-DIRECT Resources especially FUNDS from Non-Essential Heads, at present. Nothing is more important than the lives of GOEMKARS, at present.
• Requisition whatever is needed under the Disaster Management Act 2005.

• Vaccinate the VULNERABLE at the earliest within the next one month.
• Vaccinate the 18-45 years old section on a systematic basis within the next three to six months depending on the availability of the vaccines.

GFP appeals to ALL GOEMKARS:
• To pressurize your local MLA to go for an IMMEDIATE LOCKDOWN (at least for 15 days) to arrest the transmission of the virus and REDUCE THE CASELOAD and save lives of Goemkars.

• To STOP/MINIMIZE Non-ESSENTIAL Human interactions to stop the transmission of the Virus.

• Appeals to All Social/Cultural/Religious Organizations to CANCEL/POSTPONE all FUNCTIONS/EVENTS/SERVICES that have the potential of increasing the Caseload.

GFP appeals to GOEMKARS that in the event this Goa Government shows that it is INSENSITIVE and CARELESS about the Life and Safety of GOEMKARS and of GOEMKARS dying in dozens and Goemkar families being traumatized these days, we appeal to all well-intentioned, concerned and responsible GOEMKARS that we all go for a CITIZENS LOCKDOWN……A STAY HOME ! STAY ALIVE CAMPAIGN for the NEXT 15 DAYS as we cannot afford to lose more Goemkars at the Altar of POLITICS & ECONOMICS!