Goa Govt should follow in Delhi Govt footsteps and give relief to common man: AAP

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Goa Govt should follow in Delhi Govt footsteps and give relief to common man: AAP

The Goa unit of Aam Aadmi Party has welcomed the slew of initiatives announced by the AAP Govt of Delhi yesterday, and demanded that Goa CM Pramod Sawant follow the same model. Stating that Goenkars have been hit by not just the coronavirus pandemic, but also by a cyclone and economic crisis at the same time, State Convenor Rahul Mhambre said it is high time that Sawant act immediately to provide economic relief to the common man.

Referring to the ex-gratia amount of ₹50,000 that Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal has announced for families that have lost a family member to covid-19, Mhambre said that he is not aware of any other state or even country in the world that has treated the pandemic like a natural disaster and announced compensation to every person who lost their life.

Mhambre informed that Kejriwal has also announced a monthly pension of ₹2,500 to families that lose the sole breadwinner to covid. Mhambre added that a child who has lost both parents due to covid will be also be given ₹2,500 per month till the age of 25, and will also be provided with free education. Hailing these schemes as the fulfilment of a promise that Kejriwal had made last week, Mhambre said that these would be given in addition to the one-time ex-gratia amount.

Highlighting the free ration announcement made by the AAP Govt, Mhambre stated that a total of 10 kgs of ration per month would be provided free of cost. Mhambre emphasised that not only will ration-card holders get this benefit, but it would be extended to all families struggling due to the lockdown and the pandemic even if they didn’t have a ration card. Mhambre said that these unregistered beneficiaries would only require to make a declaration that they are poor, and would not have to furnish any income certificate or document to get the free ration.

Mhambre reiterated that these measures must be brought in & also highlighted earlier demands of relief of INR 5000 to be given to Autorickshaw and Taxi drivers who have sufferer a loss in the lockdown

Mhambre commended the AAP Govt for not only providing considerable financial relief, but also for making it as easy as possible for people to benefit from these schemes. Contrasting this pro-people efficiency of Delhi Govt with the bureaucratic red-tapism of the Goa Govt, Mhambre pointed out even when the CM yesterday appealed for help from individuals and organisations to set up Covid Care Centres in their areas, he asked them to “approach” the Collector and “apply” for permission.

Hailing the relief schemes, Mhambre said this was possible only due to the corruption-free governance of Arvind Kejriwal in Delhi which had saved taxpayers’ money in all spheres. Pointing out that Goa is one of the highest per-capita tax-paying state in the country, Mhambre demanded that, like Kejriwal, CM Sawant needs to demonstrate to Goenkars that their Govt is there for them in times of desperate need.

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