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People of all ages, young and elderly, stepped out of their homes and into the Campal Heritage Precinct in Panjim to celebrate the state’s rich cultural heritage at the ongoing Goa Heritage Festival.

Organised and curated once again by the Goa Heritage Action Group (GHAG), the team has created an atmosphere of happiness and excitement with citizens of all age groups coming together in a public space to celebrate the spirit of Goa. 

“My family has been living in Campal for the past 75 years and through time I have realised that it  has so much of history which we are unaware of. It is a seven kilometre long promenade, which many didn’t know about. This really makes you wonder, what are the other secrets of Panjim, we don’t know about?” said Derrick Rebello, resident of Campal

In the light of sharing stories of the state, Nalini Elvino De Souza, another resident of Campal reminisces about the Goa Heritage Festival that took place in Fontainhas many years ago which has now moved to Campal, “ I am really happy that the team got together and decided to plan it out here in Campal. I remember when it happened at Fontainhas, the streets were filled with people, art and food. You would not be able to see a single person not smiling. The same has been the case here.”

The residents of Campal have opened their doors and hearts with gratitude and humility to display a variety of art pieces, books and performances. “If there is one thing that I admire the most about having it here, is the fact that the festival is willing to show the importance and need to preserve the heritage of our state. Hopefully people take this thought and dwell on it for a moment.” conveyed Dr. Bossuet Afonso

Adding to this, Armando Gonsalves said “ Around 7-8 homes have happily agreed to keep their doors open throughout the day to host artwork and other activities. It goes to show that not only does Campal have a great grandeur but the unity is like no other.”

The festival has created a sense of the importance of unity and with celebrating and cherishing the roots of the community, the festival has without a doubt brought back to life the heritage of the land.

Highlights for 19th Nov:

8am: St inez Creek walk by Vishal Rawlley at Old GMC

10am: Festival roundtable with Laila Tyabji, Anuradha Roy and Karen Anand at the Heritage Bistro

11am: Talk by Shashi Tharoor at F.L Gomes Garden

1pm: Talk by Siddhesh Gautam on My Awakening at the Heritage Bistro

2pm: Talk by Surbhi Agarwal on Learnings from the Mussoorie Heritage Society at the Heritage Bistro

2pm: Talk by Prava Rai on Lessons from the Reading room at the Heritage Bistro

3pm: Book Launch of Swimming in Our Oceans by Pragya Bhagat at the Heritage Bistro

4pm:  Book Launch of Starfish Pickle by Bina Nayak at the Heritage Bistro

4pm: Statues and Personalities walk by Sawani Shetye at the Post Office

5pm: Book Launch of At the Feet of Living Things by Nature Conservation Foundation at the Heritage Bistro

6pm: Ranmalle by Tulshidas Gaonkar Troupe at F.L Gomes garden

6pm: Chaurang Tallo by Santosh Velip Troupe at F.L Gomes garden

6pm: Ghumot Arti by Amey Naik Troupe at F.L Gomes garden 7pm: Classical fusion by Ravi Chary at F.L Gomes garden

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