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By Aires Rodrigues

Whilst we are being kept distracted by needless issues which are only fragmenting our Society, Goa has been witnessing a huge spurt in assorted serious crimes, sadly not sparing even little children.

Quite a lot of these crimes are related to the sprawling Casino culture that the BJP is now promoting, after branding them as ‘Dens of vice’ whilst in the Opposition. The law enforcement authorities seem to be struggling with this increasing level of crimes in our once tranquil State.

Very disturbingly we now have white collared crimes galore by way of fraudulent sale and transfer of property being done with forged and fabricated documents. This is happening with political patronage and, in some cases, with the involvement of advocates, notaries and government officials, who form a part of the plot.

In these well orchestrated crimes, a lot of people wake up to the reality that they have suddenly become homeless and landless. For those victims who are abroad it must be further heartbreaking. Dead persons are being shown as alive and vice-versa while this grabbing of land is going on undeterred in broad daylight.

This is a very serious issue which needs the attention of the government. So many people are heartbroken all over, due to this deceitful grabbing of their land and houses.

And for heaven’s sake Mr. Chief Minister do not patronizingly console the victims by again saying “Bhivapachi Garaz na” (nothing to worry).

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