Panaji – Goa Lokayukta is a constitutional authority whose entire expenses are made from public funds. It is the responsibility of the Justice (Rtd) Ambadas Joshi to explain to the people of Goa before taking oath as Goa Lokayukta, how he will give justice working under the framework of weak Lokayukta Act stated Congress President Girish Chodankar.

In a letter sent to Justice(Rtd) Ambadas Joshi to his personal residential address in Girgao, Mumbai and to his personal email putting before him almost all issues linked to the Office of Lokayukta, GPCC president has urged him to give preference to upholding his self respect and dignity and keep himself away from the controversial approach of BJP Government.

It is in the backdrop that your honour have arrived in Goa to take oath as the Lokayukta for the State of Goa that I am addressing you the present letter. There have been severe amendments made to the Lokayukta Act prevailing in State of Goa. The amendments, approved by the legislature which were opposed by the Congress party, as well as by many legal luminaries, as the said amendments will omit provisions enabling complaints against public functionaries on allegations of nepotism, maladministration, corrupt motive and lack of integrity Girish Chodankar wrote in his letter.

He has brought it to the notice of Justice Joshi that the amendments have made it mandatory to obtain prior government permission before initiating investigation into the complaint against the public functionaries.

Pointing that Lokayukta Office is run with public money, Girish Chodankar said that “it is with common knowledge that the salary and all other expenses amounting to Rs. 1.80 crores are being spent annually on the Lokayukta and his staff from hardworking taxpayers money. In light of the above it would be mandatory and of utmost importance to clarify to the people of Goa on how your Hon’ble good self propose to deliver justice to the People of Goa working under the ambit of toothless Goa Lokayukta Act” Girish Chodankar has urged in the letter.

The position of Lokayukta is not a Ceremonial Post. With the former Lokayukta Justice P K Mishra directing the BJP Government to investigate almost 21 cases of their own government and as many cases pending before Lokayukta, it is loud and clear that it will be challenging task before the new Lokayukta to be upright, honest and committed. As per the consensus amongst the local people, it is advisable for your Hon’ble good self to hold a meeting with former Hon’ble Lokayukta P K Mishra before taking charge Girish Chodankar suggested.

He has also requested Justice Ambadas Joshi to clarify upon the methodology as how on basis of diluted Lokayukta Act he proposes to take the legacy of Justice Misra forward.

I had made it clear earlier, even before your Hon’ble self had consented for the appointment, that no self respecting person would have accepted the post with diluted Lokayukta Act. I also humbly urge your Hon’ble good self to read and get better acquainted with the History of Agitations in Goa. It’s choice for your good self to make between upholding his own dignity and integrity or surrendering to ways of this corrupt BJP government in State of Goa GPCC president wrote.

It was a slap on the face of BJP Government when Justice Utkarsh Bakre refused to take the post of Lokayukta, “which eventually compelled the BJP Government to search candidates from outside the State of Goa.” The act of Justice Bakre has upheld the self respect and dignity of each Goan. The amendments were also admonished by retired Chief Justice of Allahabad High Court Justice F Rebello stated Girish Chodankar.

BJP Government under Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah have murdered each and every democratic and independent institutions in the Country. The local BJP under Dr. Pramod Sawant who is puppet in the hands of Modi-Shah duo is taking forward their agenda to save his chair.

I therefore seek your clarification as how you propose to uphold the sanctity and credibility of office of Lokayukta Inspite all these amendments coming into to play. Please do not take oath & charge as Lokayukta till you are convinced that you are in position to give justice to Goans and your own conscience Girish Chodankar sought to know from Justice Ambadas Joshi.