Goa TMC hits out at former GFP MLA Vinoda Paliencar for his incompetence in Siolim

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The Goa Trinamool Congress today highlighted various issues that were not solved by successive govts in Siolim Constituency. Rajya Sabha MP and AITC Goa co-incharge Smt Sushmita Dev and Goa TMC Siolim candidate Leao FP Dias slammed the BJP government for their failure to provide basic necessities like safe drinking water, hot-mixed roads, and primary health care facilities in Siolim.

Throwing light on the water scarcity in Siolim, Leao FP Dias said, “Despite having enough rain, the people of Siolim still get 2-3 hours of water. This is completely unacceptable.”

‘After consistent meetings with the PWD and WRD ministers, they’ve agreed that after the Model Code of Conduct, the pipeline of Siolim near the church will be taken out and the plant will be set up near the bridge’, said Shri Leao Dias.

He called out the incompetence of the current MLA Vinoda Paliencar for not resolving the infrastructural issues and said that he never paid attention to the bad roads caused by the pipeline laid under them.

Talking about the high rate of unemployment, Shri Dias said, ‘Through our surveys, we’ve found that there are 180 Mahila groups who are skilled at doing certain jobs such as running a bakery. So, we’ve decided that we’ll help set up and market their product, which will help them become independent. This way the problem of unemployment will also be taken care of.”

Adding to that, Smt Sushmita Dev said, “Siolim has a lot of infrastructure issues which have not been solved by successive govts and influential people, who are also contesting the elections. We as TMC will not only focus on implementing the common state manifesto but our leaders will diligently work on realizing the promises we’ve made in the constituency-specific manifestos that have been drafted after consulting the local people.”

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