PANAJI: Power Minister Nilesh Cabral has said that Goa will not be a coal hub and that the ongoing protest by some people is a political movement and it has no meaning.

What Sagarmala 1,2,3,4 has shown are the projections and BJP Government has declared that these projects are not viable in Goa, he said.

Cabral disclosed that Mormugao Port Trust (MPT) had already written to the Ministry of Shipping, Government of India that these projects cannot he done in Goa. And it has to be dropped. He said that coal which is coming, will continue to come to Goa. But it will not become a coal hub. This coal is meant for Jindal factory and not for Adani. Cabral also denied that the quantity of coal brought to Goa will be 153 million tonnes.

According to the Power Minister, coal has been coming to Goa since 1947. The fears about Goa being blackened is not true, he claimed. What activists are speaking about is just a projection report at all-India level prepared by the consultants.

Through his port Adani will do trading and the company is not going to consume this coal while, Jindal will use it for his factory. I will give all the details in my next press conference, Cabral said. 

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