Goans don’t want dadagiri and didigiri says Venzy Viegas

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Captain Venzy Viegas, Vice President of the Aam Aadmi Party and Benaulim assembly incharge, stated on Monday that, before winning the 2022 elections, the TMC has begun doing didigiri and dadagiri. Goans don’t want force-driven politics.

Earlier Viegas stated that Churchill Alemao has broken the trust of his voters by joining the new party by taking 50 crores.  Therefore, it’s time to bid adieu to the corrupt and new don of Benaulim.

TMC Rajya Sabha MP Sushmita Dev responded to this by taking a swipe at Venzy Viegas for falsely accusing Alemao of corruption and threatening to file a criminal defamation case against him.

While speaking to the media on Monday Venzy said, “The Goans resented the BJP’s force-driven politics, which is why they were searching for an alternative. Now, the TMC is trying to mimic the Gundashahi model and has begun to show its colors.  Goans don’t want dadagiri or didigiri, so they won’t vote for them”.

“Dev should have done some research before threatening me with criminal defamation. If Churchill thinks I am making false accusations, he should have said so.
In connection with the Louis Berger bribery case, Churchill was in Colvale jail. If he didn’t commit corruption, then he should have filed a criminal defamation case against the government. Why did he keep quiet?”, questioned Viegas.

“Churchill taking 50 crores and joining the new party has become the talk of town. Is the TMC going to file a criminal defamation case against all of them?”, he said.

Viegas said, “Sushmita Dev should apologize for her attempt at making such a statement. In Goa, didigiri will not work. Talk about development and about making Goa a better place”.

Adding he said, “AAP is here to bring the transformation that Goans have been longing for. If AAP is elected, they won’t have to fear their MLA. Benaulikars don’t want force-driven politics and corrupt politicians”.

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