BJP has used free vaccination for all, as jumla to win Municipal Elections. The Govt is lying and completely unprepared for administering the vaccination

Goa Pradesh Mahila Congress Beena S. Naik strongly condemning BJP government said that Goa’s BJP government should take the Onus over the failure of Covid Vaccination Drive. Chief Minister Dr Pramod Sawant his Ministers & MLA’s should start administering Covid Vaccination for all,from May 3 onwards or tender their resignations immediately owing moral responsibility for 1225+ deaths of helpless Goans over and exposing the state to over 24000 cases over the past year, telling lies to the people of Goa and failing to execute basic Covid protection duties. GPMC also demanded that the Goa Govt should immediately open up the top two floors of South Goa District Hospital at Margao and add more Covid beds over there.

Slamming the State BJP and its run State Govt for politicising Covid Vaccination drive in the State, Goa Pradesh Mahila Congress President Beena Naik said, “The announcement of free vaccination for 18+ during Municipal Elections was just a ‘political jumla’ to entice the 18-45 year voters. The Govt was knowing it very well that it does not have vaccines yet it kept on doing this drama that vaccination will begin on May 1st.

Exposing the Govt further, GPMC President said that “The CM of Goa, on April 30th, first fooled the people by urging them not to rush to vaccination centres but seeing that the people were sincerely following protocols, he (the CM) announced later that the vaccination drive stands postponed. It was clear that Govt was not prepared and equipped to handle vaccination drive”.

Mahila Congress has asked how have some private hospitals received vaccination stocks, while the government has zero stock of the vaccines to administer to the Goan people by the previously set date of 1st May 2021?

GPMC President Beena Naik reminded the people of Goa that Dr Pramod Sawant, was the first one to announce that Goa has become a green zone last year itself even as Goa records the highest 54 deaths and over 3000 new cases daily on an average just like his poster boy PM Mr Modi who announced in WEF Davos earlier this year that India won over Covid but now is the worst shame for the world’s fight against Covid thanks to his incompetency, misplaced priorities.

GPMC President Naik also pointed out “all this drama of Govt over providing adequate hospital bed, providing oxygen enough has been exposed completely as Congress volunteers have been filling up the role of a failed and non-existent Govt ”.

“Why is this Govt trying to show inadequate beds and trying to do these adjustments when the top two floors of South Goa District Hospital are still not being put to any use? Is there a hidden agenda?” asks GPMC’s President

Goa Pradesh Mahila Congress’ admonishment comes on a day when Goa Govt desperately tries to cover up the covid related death and rising number of covid cases to a record high over the past week as an unprepared BJP led Govt fails to provide adequate beds, oxygen cylinders and even reneged on its promise to start covid vaccination for all in the state.