‘Hidden alliance’: As BJP wins Chandigarh mayor election, AAP blames Congress for ‘ensuring’ victory

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AAP vice president Valmiki Naik stated on Saturday that BJP’s victory in Chandigarh mayor election after former Congress councillor joined BJP indicates that Congress is the B team of the BJP. Goans should be wary of such tricksters.

While speaking to the media Naik said, “Whenever the people vote for the Congress, the party sells out its candidates to the BJP. Chandigarh is the latest example of this. AAP is in the majority, but the Congress sold its candidate to sabotage the elections for Mayor”.

He said, “The BJP eked out a victory in the mayoral contest despite the fact that the AAP had won 14 seats. Harpreet Kaur Babla, who had been with the Congress, joined the BJP after the verdict was announced. Furthermore, Congress had already opted out of the election by not fielding a candidate, and all seven councilors abstained from voting, ensuring BJP’s victory”.

“We have seen such defection in the state during the past elections. Over the past five years, Congress has especially been stung by defections in the state. In 2017, it emerged as the single largest party with 17 MLAs in a 40-member house. Now it’s down to 2. In a mega defection in July 2019, 10 MLAs quit the Congress and merged their breakaway faction with the ruling BJP. It is now clear to the Goans that voting for the Congress means supporting the BJP”, he added.

He further said, “Kanhaiya Kumar, the Congress leader who was on a Goa tour, said that the BJP can buy Congress leaders but not Congress voters. Even the Congress leader openly admits that their MLA’s can be bought”.

“Using state machinery, the BJP disqualified a vote of an AAP Councillor and bought one councilor from the Congress in Chandigarh. This shows how desperate the Congress-BJP secret coalition is to keep AAP from a decisive mandate”, said AAP leader Amit Palekar.

“As opposed to Congress, AAP candidates are not likely to switch parties post-election. Candidates will sign legal affidavits promising not to leave AAP for another party after the election,” he added.

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