VASCO: Minister for AYUSH Shripad Naik on Tuesday said he was hopeful that protestors of the linear projects will understand the importance of these projects and cooperate with the government.

Speaking to reporters during a visit to Vasco, Naik said the government should hold discussions with the protestors to resolve the issues.

“These three linear projects are related to development of the State and people opposing these projects may not be aware of the background and benefit of these projects,” Naik said.

“The government should take steps to have discussion with the protestors, understand their issues and explain to them details and more clarity. The government can sit with them face-to- face and explain about the benefits of the projects and resolve the issue,” he said.

Naik said, “One project is related to electricity and with increasing population and rising connections, we need to have good power supply. There is no doubt that there will be some loss to the environment, but the government can take steps to make good these losses and people must also support the cause.”

Commenting on the double-tracking project, the minister said it is a project to strengthen the country’s economic activity and strengthen the functioning of the port.

“While railways works were being carried out for years, people used to oppose but would later realised the benefits and importance of the project,” Naik said.

“I am hopeful that people opposing the projects will take into consideration the importance of the project and allow the project to go ahead,” said Naik.

Naik was also confident that the mining issue would be resolved soon.