PANAJI: Power Minister Nilesh Cabral on Monday said that he is ready for public debate with his Delhi counterpart on electricity model and not with AAP MLA Raghav Chadha, who is not connected to electricity at all.

When asked for reaction that Chadha accepted his challenge for debate on electricity model in Delhi and Goa, Cabral said, “I have no issue to debate with like-minded people and who understands power problems of Goa and Delhi. A person who is MLA and vice chairman of Delhi Jal Board and not connected to power at all, I don’t seek to debate with him. As per protocol, Delhi Power Minister came come here and debate with me.”

Stating that he has heard that Chadha is visiting Goa on November 17, Cabral said, “Chadha is welcome to my office to discuss anytime. I will be available till 8-9 in the evening and he can walk in my Secretariat office and ask whatever advice he wants which I can give him on behalf of Goa government.”

Cabral said question of debate was never there but debate is there if the Delhi Power Minister come and discus because that is what technically we can do. 

“I never challenged anybody for debate. But I am ready for debate if it is government to government as per protocol and not with the vice chairman of Delhi Jal Board. Government has to be represented properly and protocol has to be maintained,” Cabral asserted.