I resigned from the BJP party to be true to my values: Saldanha

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The BJP’s two time Cortalim MLA and former Forest and Environment Minister Alina Saldanha, who joined Aam Aadmi Party recently stated that she will focus on human development in the forthcoming term and every government should strive toward upliftment of the common people.

Saldanha claimed that she resigned from the BJP party to be true to my values. She said, “I resign as the MLA of Cortalim constituency in the BJP government for the valid reasons. By nature, I am a loyalist but it was very difficult for me to see things going wrong for the people of the state and for the state environment”.

While addressing the media at Dona Paula on Saturday she said, “I was told that the BJP party state president said that the party can’t accept Saldanha, who has been talking against the government with reference to the three linear projects. I have been elected by the people to work for the welfare of the constituency. If I don’t stand by the people who have elected me then I will be definitely failing in my duty. I think the people are very happy that they have me on their side, if this is the reason, the BJP thinks that I have failed them then I can’t help myself. I will continue to be with the people”. 

She further said, “I met Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal in Delhi and certain tours were organised for me to study the development that is happening in Delhi.  I was pleased to note that whatever is being done in Delhi is absolutely benefit the common man. This has to be the goal of every government to ensure the upliftment of the common man. I think my thoughts blend very well with the party whose main focus is common people”.

“I saw their education infrastructure which caters to the children of the common people and there are clinics in every wards which caters the medical needs of the common people. This is exactly what I want in my constituency”, she said.

“I want to help the families, where the income is not sufficient to educate their children. I was focused on finding different ways to increase the family income, so that the parents can provide better education facilities to the children”, she added.

On the remarks of the Panchayat minister Mavin Gudinho who stated that he helped Saldanha to win the Cortalim seat, she said, “Mavin Gudinho has the habit of halucinating. First and foremost he should remember that he has lost as the MLA of Cortalim in 2002. After which he ran away to Dabolim. If he has such a strong hold on the constituency, he should have remained in Cortalim. He should face the ground reality that he is not wanted. People hate him. He was their MLA for 20 years and haven’t done anything for them. Therefore, there is no question of him trying to help me to win the seat arise”.

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