In keeping with Festakar Marius Fernandes’ ideals, a soft launch into salcette

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In keeping with Festakar Marius Fernandes’ ideals, a soft launch into salcette, the ceremony of Purification was celebrated with innovation, zero waste and revival of original Goan traditions, in Benaulim, where the bride hails from while the groom hails from St. Mathias, Divar Island. The bridal couple, both brought up overseas decided to host their wedding celebrations in their motherland, Goa, India. The event started with a serenade with percussion instruments like Ghumots, kottieos, guitars winding it’s way from the brides home to the venue. The bride’s mother Caroline Dias started the ceremony with a short prayer. The bridal entourage were offered tender coconuts with paper straws and shoe flowers from the garden as refreshments and the guests were offered hot boiled Chonne ( grams) in jackfruit leaves accompanied by a local percussion group performance “Louis and the melodians” led by the father of the bride José Dias. Dr. Zelio D’mello, HOD, senior Orthopedic and Clifford D’mello of Goa Tourism, maternal uncles of the bride officially adorned the bride niece with the ‘Chuddo’ ( bridal bangles). The bridal couple along with the entourage were annointed with a mixture of pure fresh coconut milk and local coconut oil ( the ROS) which marked a sign of washing away the sins and purifying the soul for marriage. ROS signifies purity. The ROS was kept in a copper utensils called ‘Kail’ and coconut shell spoons were used to pour the ‘ros’ on the entourage. There was a special mention that nothing besides the pure coconut milk and oil should be allowed to be poured. This brought back nostalgic memories of how it always was meant to be. The decor for the ceremony was woven coconut leaves called mollam, cloth flags which are a trademark of Festakar Marius’ festivals, local flowers like mogra, acalypha hispida (cat tail). Music and songs were all in Konkani from the 1960s onwards. The buffet was home cooked Goan food such as Pulao, Fish Balchão, prawns molho, pork cabidela, sannas with toddy, torradinhas, caldinha de verdura, and desserts like vhonn and tizaan since millet is the grain of the year. Goa’s Konkani pop star O’luv regaled the worldwide audience with his original songs, lyrics of the fruits and flowers and landscapes of Goa. As this Purification ceremony was documented, it will be released across social media in the hope that the Goan diaspora will be able to replicate the same henceforth and take it to the world by practising low cost, eco and people friendly events which binds families and friends in true Goan style.

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