PERNEM: MGP leader Jit Arolkar on Thursday stated that he is contemplating fo file defamation case against Mandrem MLA Dayanand Sopte for calling him “Faltu” (useless) and for allegedly giving them threats.

Speaking to media persons at Mandrem, Arolkar said that he is consulting a lawyer whether to file threat and defamation case against Sopte.

Arolkar demanded to know if Mandrem MLA Dayanand Sopte had nothing to do with the rejection of permission to hold the MGP meeting at Mandrem on November 16, then why did the Pernem Deputy Collector typed the NOC that it is granted and did not sign it before lunch. Why did the Deputy Collector rejected the NOC at the last moment at 3:30 pm and for whose phone call was he waiting?

Former Parsem sarpanch Devendra Prabhudessai alleged that the ruling party was misusing the government machinery to harass Arolkar and recalled that attempts were made to reject his nomination form at the time of by-elections in 2019. And even attempts were made to arrest Arolkar but in vain.

Prabhudesai further charged that Sopte had attempted to disrupt the meeting seeing the strength of the crowd and growing popularity of Arolkar in Mandrem constituency.

Former Parsem sarpanch and current panchayat member member Raghoba Gawas was also present.

On Wednesday, Sopte had refuted allegations that he had instructed the Deputy Collector to deny permission to Arolkar to hold the meeting. He had also warned Arolkar not to accuse him for denying permission to hold the meeting.

Sopte had also claimed that he had won elections four times and that he had never stopped any meeting on his opponents. He had also lashed at Devendra Prabhudesai and said that the latter contested 2017 Assembly elections on AAP ticket and could not poll more than 650 votes.