The Covid 19 situation in capital city is deteriorating day by day as the numbers are surging and the healthcare facilities are almost on the verge of break down though there has been no lock down order by the Government.

It is unfortunate that some people have let down their guard and are freely moving in and out of the capital city alongside traders of non essential commodities are also keeping their shops open irrespective of the footfall and noncompliance to Covid appropriate behaviour.

To add to this with CCP staff also getting infected with the virus has further stressed even the civic administration and with reduced manpower it will haveirreversible impact on the waste collection with possibilitiesof coming to standstill.

A joint statement is issued by the Mayor of Panaji, Mr Rohit Monserrate,GCCI President Mr Manoj M Caculo and Goa Hotel &Restaurant Association President Mr GaurishDhond as under….

“ We appeal to all non essential commodity traders, Retail Shops, Business establishments& Restaurants in the City of Panaji for voluntary closure till Sunday, 9 th May.” Also requesting all Restaurateurs to please offer only Parcel Service / Delivery and do not entertain sit ins…”

We request public at large to stay indoors , avoid uncalled for movementas this will contribute to contain the pandemic and revive the fast depleting healthcare system which is over strained.We are also working on war footing to create effective and efficient logistics and arrangements to organise vaccination drive ,camps for Panjikars. So let there be No Compromise… not on our life, we are confident that traders and Business establishment of capital city will honour this appealtogether we will turn the tide.”