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Kejriwal promises faceless RTO services and formation of Corporation

Aam Aadmi Party national convenor and Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal promised four guarantees to auto and taxi operators, and said the party is set to challenge the High Court’s order on taxi meters in the Supreme Court.

During his two-day visit, Kejriwal interacted with taxi operators and gained a deeper understanding of the problems they face. He promised four guarantees that is hike in taxi and auto fares, faceless RTO services, formation of Corporation comprises of two officers and taxi/auto operators and in the case of accident government will bear the medical expenses.

Kejriwal attacked Goan politicians for their remarks about taxi operators being mafias.
While addressing the taxi operators in Dabolim on Wednesday he said, “Taxi operators are not mafias; politicians are. On the road contracts those who earn 100 crores, are mafias. Those involved in ventilator scams during Covid times, are mafias. Do the taxi operators have big houses or big vehicles? The politicians have them all. Thus, politicians are real mafias”.

He said, “All the taxi drivers want to earn money honestly, but the government has made such a system for them, due to which they are forced to overcharge.The kind of laws the government had framed for the operators had created more difficulties for them. They have been paying Policeman and to the Transport department. This leads them to overcharge. If one changes the system then such type of incidents won’t occur”.

“Therefore, I am here to announce four guarantees, which will benefit the operators. When the government frame policies for the operators, they don’t take operators into consideration. Therefore,
AAP will form Corporation comprises of two officers and taxi/auto operators, where they will decide about the app, fares and all other things”, Kejriwal said.

“In Delhi apart from fitness test the operators don’t have to visit RTO offices, for their queries or any services. AAP will introduce faceless RTO services for the operators. In the case of accident government will bear the medical expenses”, he promised.

Kejriwal acknowledged the Delhi Taxi and auto operators’ role in AAP’s  electoral success. He said, “Today, the Aam Aadmi Party government is formed in Delhi. The 70% of its credit goes to the auto wallahs.  They got the poster of Aam Aadmi Party installed on the rickshaw for free, influenced their passengers to vote for AAP and promoted the Aam Aadmi Party. When we formed the government, we have been providing them a life of respect”.

He further said, “today no one calls them mafia. The laws which had become a challenge for them have been changed. The fare has been increased. All the work is done online for them. If they have any problem then a separate telephone number has been issued to talk about it. During the first and second wave of Covid  they were in huge loss as their business was stopped, then five thousand rupees were put in the account of each one”.

He said, “I came here as your young brother. How the Delhi taxi and auto operators chose their government, now is a time to chose your government. I urge the taxi operators to give AAP one chance. Whoever passenger takes your service, ask them to vote for AAP. Ask your family to influence two other families to vote for AAP. In Goa, we have 25 thousand Taxi operators, this is a huge number. If you all unite then the government will be made of taxi drivers”.

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