PANAJI: All India Lawyers Union (AILU), Goa State Committee and various Advocates Forums/Associations in the State had condemned in no uncertain terms the derogatory and defamatory tirade of Law and Judiciary Minister Nilesh Cabral against the lawyers in Goa.

The AILU had demanded an apology from the Minister, while the various Advocates Forums/Associations sought an “unconditional withdrawal of the defamatory statements against the legal fraternity of Goa”.

On November 10 Cabral had stated that lawyers were overcharging their clients at the time of conveyancing and registration of deeds and documents and threatened to “simplify procedures so much that advocates will not be required anymore.”

AILU Goa State Committee general secretary Adv Victor Savio Bragança said that the Law Minister has no business in deciding what the minimum charges of lawyers should be and that his tirade has made mockery of the legal profession in Goa and amounts to defamation.

“We cannot tolerate these attacks on the legal fraternity of Goa,” Adv Bragança said.

However, the Minister has so far ignored the calls from the lawyers
organisations for apology and/ or for withdrawal of the defamatory statements. This is like rubbing salt into the wounds of the legal fraternity of Goa, Adv Bragança said.

In the circumstances, the All India Lawyers Union, Goa State Committee has decided to take the initiative and hold a peaceful lawyers protest on Friday, 27th November at Azad Maidan, Panaji at 4:30 pm.

The All India Lawyers Union has requested all the Advocates Forums/ Association’s from Goa to unite and wholeheartedly join/support this protest.