Lobo used taxi drivers for his own political gain, says Sudesh Mayekar

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Aam Aadmi Party Calangute assembly incharge Sudesh Mayekar on Monday claimed that Michael Lobo, former MLA of Calangute Constituency used Taxi operators for his own political gain. Unlike the former MLA AAP, if elected, will work for the Taxi operators by forming a corporation for them on which they will be incorporated.

AAP gave Calangute candidature to Sudesh Mayekar. Reacting to it he said, “Once AAP is elected to power, a corporation will be formed that would be staffed mostly by taxi operators, allowing them to decide when and whether they will be covered by apps, and when to hike fares”.

Adding he said, “Apart from this we will implement faceless RTO services and in the case of accident the government will bear the medical expenses”.

He further said, “Currently, Calangute is known for the wrong things. If AAP wins election within one month we will clean up dance bars and will solve drug issue. By October we will launch a new Calangute with a good infrastructure to attract more tourists”.

“The AAP plans to provide a sustainable economic model for housewives to provide them with a regular income. AAP plans to set up a small scale industry with 100% jobs going to locals”, he added.

He said, “The former MLA of Calangute Constituency, Michael Lobo, who is campaigning in Shivolim, says people in Shivolim have been facing a number of challenges due to a lack of basic facilities.  He must first address the needs of his constituency”.

“In Calangute, we do not have basic facilities like hospitals. Although the former MLA initiated the project, he has not yet been able to build it. AAP plans to build a health care facility where locals will get free health care”, he added.

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