Chief Minister Should take responsibility of mortality

PANAJI: Exposing the failure of the BJP government to distribute the ‘Home Quarantine Kits’ on time to those tested positives, the President of Goa Pradesh Youth Congress Adv Varad Mardolkar has asked Chief Minister Dr. Pramod Sawant to take responsibility for those who died due to COVID as the government failed to provide them Oxygen and other medical facilities.

Adv. Mardolkar informed that many patients and their families are enquiring about ‘Home Quarantine Kits’, which they have not got though tested positive. “People are calling to our helpline and seeking our help to get the medicines as they have not got the HQK. At least they should be told what medicines they have to take, so they can purchase it from the pharmacy.” Mardolkar said.

Praising the work of doctors and other staff from the hospitals, Mardolkar said that doctors are helpless as the government is not in position to provide the medical facilities needed to treat COVID positive patients.

“when government knew that patients were increasing in the second wave of COVID, it should have placed more orders for Home Quarantine Kits and revived the system of distribution. Earlier patients were less, but now every passing day positive patients number is increasing. Hence. More staff should be engaged in this work of distribution of HQK, so it reaches the patients on time.” He said.

“What is the use of these kits, if they are provided after four or five days, when COVID already starts attacking patients.” He questioned.

He has suggested reviving the distribution system and entrusting work to more staff, so no sooner anyone found positive he gets the HQK. “If government is really serious about tackling this second wave of COVID, then it should first heed into these issues which are vital. Home Quarantine Patients rush to the hospitals when their health deteriorates, this is happening because they are not getting medicines on time.” He said.

Adv. Mardolkar also said that the insensitive and corrupt BJP government has forced Medical Officers from PHC’s to appeal people to handover Oximeter and thermometer to PHC’s, who have recovered. “This itself proves that this government has failed in managing the procurement of Oximeter and Thermometer and also medicines.” He said.

Adv. Mardolkar also appealed to the patients who have recovered to handover the Oximeter and Thermometer to their PHCs when medical officers appeal. “This can save the lives of other patients. Now we can’t rely on this government, who has betrayed Goans in all sectors and now we are witnessing it in the health sector.” He said.

He said that Chief Minister Dr. Pramod Sawant should take responsibility for those who died due to COVID as the government failed to give them medical facilities.