Margao – The fuel price hike has again started after the results of the recently concluded elections were out. The petrol prices in Goa went up by Rs.65 paise per litre & Diesel went up by Rs.80 paise per litre in last four days. I urge BJP Government under PM Narendra Modi to stop this slow but consistent torture of the people stated Leader of Opposition Digambar Kamat.

Citizens are completely exhausted by putting in hardships to find relief and way out from faulty policies of the government. Mismanagement of Covid has further added to their woes. Insensitive BJP Governments are putting more and more burden on the common man when they are already under mental & physical distress.

“Acche Din” Jumalas of the BJP have gone for a toss with people made to slog for everything. After the failed nationwide lockdown was announced last year by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi, economy crashed which resulted in total collapse of household budgets. Marginalised sector including small occupationist were hit badly. Today, when Lockdown is actually needed; its free for all in Goa.

It was the duty of the government at the Centre as well as the State to annouce measures and give financial help and relief to the people after the nationwide lockdown was over. But, the BJP government is all out to push citizens into bankruptcy as well as the death trap of Covid Digambar Kamat said.

With the current rate, we will soon see fuel prices touching Rs. 100 per litre and at the same time Covid death toll may touch 100 deaths per day. The entire Country is worried, but BJP governments are just not bothered about the plight of the people.

The opportunistic politics of BJP needs to be understood by people. Their government is here to empty the treasury. They have no concerns for poor. What they promise during elections, BJP forgets it at the next minute.