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        The Directorate of Women & Child Development has informed that the Indian Council for Child welfare, New Delhi has instituted the “National Award for Bravery of Children (2021)” to give due recognition to the children who perform acts of bravery with a view to inspire other children to follow their example. The award is conferred on children for their act of spontaneous selfless service in the face of risk to life or threat of physical injury and or an act of courage and daring against a social evil/crime.

      The Process of applying nomination are received in the prescribed application form which can be obtained from ICCW Headquarter Office or can be downloaded from ICCW’s website ,the application should be recommended by two of the listed Competent Authorities the form is to be accompanied by a write –up of about 250 words giving the details of the deed performed by the applicant, proof of date of birth, newspaper/Magazine clippings and/or First Information Report (FIR) or police Diary filled with the Police Station. The account of the incident as well as the supporting documents should preferably be endorsed by two of the listed competent Authorities.

The application must be recommended by the Principal / Headmaster of the School in which the applicant is studying or Head of Panchayat /Zila parishad, President or General secretary of state council for Child Welfare, Collector /DM/ Govt. official of equivalent rank. Supdt. of Police of the area or Police Official of higher rank.

     The Child should not be below 6 years and above 18 years of age on the date of the incident

     Incidents which have occurred between July 01 2020 and September 30, 2021 will be considered for the 2021 Award. The selection Committee, May at its discretion, relax the date by a maximum period of six months prior to July 1, 2020 it is deemed fit.

      The Award confers medals (Gold, Silver), A Certificate, Cash Award, the Awardees also receive various gifts from philanthropic organizations ,the Award will be presented at New Delhi by an eminent and distinguished personality.

      The Award Details are  ICCW Bharat Award : Rs.1,00,000/-, ICCW Dhruv Award : Rs.75,000/-, ICCW Markendaya Award : Rs.75,000/-, ICCW Shravan Award : Rs 75,000/- , ICCW Prahlad Award : Rs. 75,000/- , ICCW Eklavya Award : Rs.75,000/- ,ICCW Abhimanyu Award: Rs. 75,000/- General Award : Rs.40,000/-. Total Awards Restricted to 25.

      Eligible awardees are granted assistance until they complete their schooling. financial assistance under the Scholarship Scheme for Graduate/Professional courses.

The eligible child may submit their application in soft copy (CD in word /Pen Drive) and hard print in the prescribed format available in this Directorate or Login on the website of ICCW ( on or before August 27, 2021 to this Directorate. For any clarifications, please contact the Directorate of Women and Child Development on phone no.2235308/2426112 during office hours.

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