Goa Pradesh Youth Congress Committee Varad Mardolkar has claimed that maximum jobs were given to educated unemployed youth and major industries were set up in Goa creating jobs during Congress regime. But after BJP government came back to power in 2012 polls it tried to scrap the jobs. The BJP government promised creation of several jobs during their election campaign but failed to keep their promises.

The Congress Party will be considering more youth candidates and the other leaders who have worked with congress from the start and have similar midset to that of the party for the upcoming 2022 state assembly elections Mardolkar said during chat with Prime Media TV Editor Sandeep Kerkar in NEED OF THE HOUR Episode.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi had also promised creation of two crore jobs per year and during last six years it could have created 12 crore jobs. Mardolkar demanded that the BJP government should declare how many jobs were given to unemployed youth in Goa.

The Youth Congress president said that the Congress party will follow-up the issue of inflated electricity bills since the Sawant government was insensitive and don’t care for the people. 

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