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Recently, two M.V. Accidents are reported in Vasco Police Station
jurisdiction, wherein minor driver/riders were involved. In the accident
occurred on 25/11/2022 at Chicalim, the minor driver of Ertiga car dashed
against the oncoming scooter, wherein, the rider of the scooter succumbed to
the injuries. Whereas, on 12/12/2022 at New Vaddem, the minor rider of
Yamaha Motorcycle, dashed against the pedestrian, who succumbed to the
In both the above cases, the owners of the vehicle involved in the
accident were arrested by Vasco Police and sent to police custody U/s 199-A
of M.V.Act 1988 for knowingly allowing a minor to ride his/her vehicle.
For underage driving, a fine of amount of Rs. 5000/- is imposed upon
the driver/rider and additional fine of Rs.5000/- is imposed on the owner for
allowing unauthorized person to drive/ride his/her vehicle. Further, a report is
sent to the concerned Asst. Director of Transport for cancellation of the
registration of the motor vehicle used by the minor in commission of the
offence and the said minor will not be eligible to obtain Learner’s Licence or
Driving Licence until he/she attains age of twenty five years.

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