Over 100 villagers attended AAP meeting in Nunem Sanguem

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See AAP as the only hope after BJP and MLA fails to provide even basic ammentites

Over a 100 residents a large number of them women, of Nunem village in Sanguem attending a meeting in the village with AAP Leaders Sandesh Teleikar Dessai and Gaurisha Gaonkar. The residents told them of how the village lacks basics necessities like water and electricity. Connectivity is a major issue as the residents have to walk at least 6-7 km to the nearest bus stop to get to work. Like many other villages in Goa Nunem too has long been ignored by their MLAs and the Govt at large. AAP’s outreach on development based politics was a resounding success with the villagers.

The villagers of Nunem shared that 24/7 electricity was far from a reality for them and that frequent power cuts were a regular occurrence in the village. Sometimes powercuts lasted for days leaving villagers without access and take serious intervention to resolve. For water the entire village is dependent on a well and a pump. Recently the pump stopped working and villagers had to manually fetch water for days. It was only after the intervention of AAP Leader & Sanguem Assembly incharge Gourisha Gaonkar that the villagers were able to have the supply restored.

The villagers expressed that while they were mostly illiterate they took great pains to ensure their children were educated but now despite them being educated the children have no jobs. The teaching staff at their local school too is unable to teach students adequately. The job prospects of the village youth are badly hampered by the fact that there is no public transport to the village and people have to walk 7-8 kms to catch the nearest bus. This is despite many attempts by the villagers to rectify this.

The residents of Nunem were happy to hear that atleast AAP was talking to them about basic needs and were excited to hear how their taxes could result in free 24/7 power for them. They wholeheartedly supported the party’s model.

“The residents of Nunem were delighted to hear that it was not only possible to get free 24/7 power but that this was something that AAP had already achieved under Arvind Kejriwal” said AAP Leader Sadnesh Teleikar Dessai. “The villagers have for too long been used as a vote bank for MLAs who have not cared at all for them. Their problems are the problems of all of rural Goa, no public transport, no jobs, days long power cuts and water problems. They are tired of the failures of the Sawant Sarkar and local MLA and see AAP as the only hope.” added Teleikar Dessai

‘It was shocking that the villagers recently had no water in their homes due to a pump failure. What was even more shocking is that it to a major intervention by AAP volunteers and me to actually get the pump fixed! is this the Governance that Goenkars deserve? Is the hollow jumla of Har Ghar Jal by the Sawant Sarkar?” said Gaurisha Gaonkar AAP Leader & Sanguem Assembly in charge

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