Pramod Sawant and BJP are least concerned by the issues plaguing Goans-AAP

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Assembly session proves disconnect between governed and Government

The Pramod Sawant Govt has proved that is completely out of syc with reality and Goans over the past three days. The BJP MLAs in the house have shown that neither do they care about Goans nor are they aware of their sorrows. In response to the Benaulim rape case Pramod Sawant has indulged in Victim blaming rather than reaching out to the victims. In the case of the floods that has ravaged large parts of Goa the BJP Govt has released compensation upto only 2 lakh INR for the immeasurable damage Goans have faced. Goa’s Health Minister and  Pramod Sawant’s rival Vishwajeet Rane has tried to one up the CM on insensitive statements by saying that no Goans have died due to Oxygen shortages.
It’s clear that all the BJP knows is headline management. There have been 3 rapes over the last 3 days but the CM has not taken or even announced any steps to make women feel more confident and comfortable in Goa. He has continuously been hiding behind his statement on detection, but the fact of the matter is what preventive measures have been put in place to protect Goan women apart from sexist statements asking women to stay indoors? 

While spending lakhs of rupees on welcoming JP Nadda and having lavish events in 5 star hotels on the taxpayers money, the BJP wants to issue a paltry amount of 2 lakhs to those who have completely lost their houses to the floods. How can anyone today rebuild their lives from scratch with such a tiny amount?

The most shocking statement has to have come from Health Minister Vishvajit Rane who has stated that no one died due to Oxygen shortage in Goa. This seems to be an echo of the statement made by the BJP in the centre and an insult to those who have died of Covid in Goa. It may be remembered that Goa suffered from a Govt made Oxygen shortage that claimed atleast 83 lives in May and where a scam implicating no other than Rane himself was revealed.

“It’s clear that all the BJP knows is headline Management and not real work” said AAP Goa Convenor Rahul Mhambre. “I have personally visited Sattari and Valpoi and seen the absolute paralysis of the Pramod Sawant Govt in the face of this tragedy. Apart from this he has failed the home portfolio as crime has grown in Goa and women are no longer feeling safe” added Mhambre
“Does the CM feel that 2 lakh INR is enough to restart your life from scratch?” said Adv Surel Tilve AAP Goa VIce President. “The scale of damage is just another layer upon the existing economic slowdown due to the pandemic. IS the CM even serious about helping Goenkars?” 
Upon Rane’s shocker in the Assembly Rahul Mhambre stated “After crating a Govt made Disaster and being named in a money making scam in the middle of the pandemic how can Mr Rane even consider making such statements.”

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