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MAPUSA: North Goa Congress president Vijay Bhike demanded that the Goa government take cognizance of the growing Covid-19 numbers and impose some effective restrictions to control the spread that do not affect the economy.
Reacting to reports in the media that the Goa government has imposed a night curfew in the state from 11pm to 6am, Bhike questioned the logic behind such a decision saying that such a move would have no effect on the spread of the virus instead would only serve to cripple the economy.
“The Goa government has put in place a night curfew between 11 pm to 6am. I fail to understand the logic behind such a move. Is the government suggesting that the virus wakes up only at night,” questioned Bhike at a press briefing at the North Goa Congress District Office on Wednesday.
“How can they force the children in the age group of 15-18 years to take these vaccines so late when the third wave has already begun. Parents of students taking the vaccine are made to sign a consent form. We know that these vaccines have had adverse effects on many so how can we be sure it will not harm our children. What is the guarantee of this vaccine. How can they make this vaccination compulsory for students to attend offline classes,” questioned Bhike.  
Instead of cracking down on mass gatherings, crowded party hotspots, clubs and casinos as well as asking crowds to disburse the Goa government trying to paint everyone with the same brush and with a night curfew everyone is being punished for the sins of a few.
Why should an open-air restaurant that is following all Covid protocols be treated the same as a nightclub whose crowded parties are the cause for the numbers going up?
We understand that Goa’s tourism industry is very important for the economy which is why the government should follow a graded approach in cracking down only on those super spreader events rather than a blanket but ineffective measures like night curfew.
Bhike also raised alarm at the number of cases pointing out that the number of cases detected in Mapusa had crossed the 100 mark.
Bhike called on the people to take precautions and to venture out only if necessary and to avoid large crowded gathering lest they inadvertently expose themselves to the virus.
“Considering the past experience and the situation our state has been in, it is only prudent that each one takes adequate protections to protect themselves from the virus. Do not expect any help from the government which has left the people to fend for themselves as was evidenced in the deadly second wave of the virus where the government threw its hands up in the air and claimed zero responsibility for the number of cases and deaths. People need to realize they are on their own in this, “Bhike said.
Vice President of GPCC and EX MLA of Calangute, Agnelo Fernandes demanded the removal of Calangute MLA, Michael Lobo to ensure a free and fair investigation into the attack on the iconic Souza Lobo restaurant.
“The government’s inability to investigate crimes has been seen in the last few years. We demand a fair and transparent inquiry into the Siddhi Naik murder case which took place in Calangute. The authorities should need to fairly investigate the murder angle in this case which had been earlier brushed aside as a suicide. The father of the deceased has mentioned about the involvement of a powerful politician due to which the case is not reaching a logical end,” said Agnelo.
The Vice President of NGDCC, Meghashyam Raut and Calangute Block President, Benedict Dsouza was also present.

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