MARGAO: Power Minister Nilesh Cabral on Tuesday disclosed that the Mormugao Port trust (MPT) had already dropped its four proposed projects in the State.

These projects are Deepening of approach channel and turning circle to facilitate berthing of capsized vessels; Development of two berths with connecting flyover for Indian Navy and Coast Guard at Vasco Bay; Outer harbour and iron ore and coal terminal and the Multipurpose terminal at Betul.

The MPT has written a letter to the Secretary (Shipping) Ministry of Shipping, New Delhi in this regard, he said.

“This letter is with me and this letter is being followed by the State government and coming to logical end,” Cabral told reporters.

According to Cabral, the consultant had prepared the projection report to get maximum use of the port and had also mentioned that 54 MT (coal) and 138 MT (coal) will be brought into Goa over a period of time. This is mentioned in the Sagarmala Report 1,2,3,4 & 5 envisaged by the Government of India, he said adding that this was a report prepared for the entire country. However, the MPT in its letter to the Ministry of Shipping has clearly mentioned about the dropping of above four projects.

Cabral further said that these reports are available on the website of Ministry of Shipping and can be accessed by anybody. There is no need to obtain them under Right To Information (RTI) Act.

He said that Chief Minister Pramod Sawant will soon come out with official letter to show that there will be no increase in coal transportation and the existing annual 10 to 12 MT transportation might continue for some more time.

The Environment Minister reiterated that the government is firm that Goa will not be a coal hub. “BJP government is committed to not making Goa a coal hub,” Cabral said.