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Paresh Shetgaonkar packs traditional wisdom of the coconut with modern science to produce virgin coconut oils of global repute.

The Old Goa Factory at Verna Industrial Estate

The sight of a coconut palm, standing tall and sturdy against the storm is a sight for calm eyes. The towering trunks bring so much colour and life to the tropical paradise. It’s multi-purpose benefits were harnessed by our ancestors and finds mention in the great horticulturist Gracia de H’orta’s publication.

Drawing from these deeply rooted traditional properties, PareshShetgaonkar, sowed the seeds to his enterprise, aptly called Old Goa, Oils and Foods in2006. The company was launched in 2018 after years of extensive research into the medicinal properties of coconuts, manufacturing in a factory set up and raising its level to international standards.

“This isn’t a new concept to Goa. What we know today as virgin oil was practised centuries ago at a local scale,” he shares. “We wanted to package this age-old elixir to our modern times,” Paresh tells about his company.

His factory is spread over 15,000 sq/ft at the Verna Industrial Estate and can process around 5,000 coconuts.The company locally sources coconuts from farmers in Goa. “We consume at least 5000 coconuts in bulk to process our oils. We aim to provide sustenance to the local farmers who work so hard to produce these fruits,” he tells. With word out, he gets calls from owners of these prized fruits coming forward to offer their sale.

The Products

While coconut oil extraction isn’t new in villages across Goa, the company follows global standards, pharma approved oil at the purest level. “We are proud of the fact that our products meet internationally recognised standards, and we have all the compliances and registrations in place,” he adds.

Old Goa produces a range of an exotic range of cold pressed organic extra virgin coconut oils for face, hair, baby massage, body oils, superfood, and oil pulling products.They have expanded their range to foot salts, i.e. local salt infused with organic elements. They are in the process of experimenting with a complete beauty range of shampoos and creams. Their Virgin Oil products are best-sellers.

“We adopt extraction guidelines confirming to APCC standard, BRC and USFDA standard making us Asia’s first cleanroom facility in extra virgin coconut oil extraction. Extra virgin coconut oil is treated as the mother of all oils,” he says.

His products are 100% naturally processed, cold-formulated, run through the highest lab environment. “We are GMO free, zero fillers, binders no enzymes or syntethics.”

Awards and Recognitions

The company has won numerous national and international accolades. The oil puling product was adjudged the Best Innovative Product 2019 by SIAL (Salom International de I’alientation, Paris) amongst 18,000 worldwide entries. The Best Start Up by Federation of Indian Export Organization (FIEO) in 2020 in Madrid, Spain. Nationally, they won the Best Brand 2019 by Economic Times and Government of Goa, Best Start-Up Award.

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