Ramrao Wagh exposes the BJP government’s failure to build the Dongari bridge

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Bridge built, but where is the approach road?

Aam Aadmi Party St. Andre candidate Ramrao Wagh has exposed the failure of the BJP government to construct the Dongari flyover.

Wagh lashed out at St. Andre MLA Francisco Silveira, saying that Silveira, who contested the 2017 polls on development plank, has failed to execute any major development projects during his tenure.

Wagh said, “In fact, Silveira even failed to complete the old Dongari bridge project, which he had started 10-15 years ago. It was his idea and still he could not able to complete it. Perhaps Silveira should publish a white paper about it. It is his responsibility to explain how the project, worth Rs 20 crores, will benefit the locals”.

Adding he said, “The project initiated in order to reach farm lands. However, now all the farms are submerged under water and mangroves are replacing the farms. In order to maintain the farms, sluice gates should be managed in the areas where water comes from. If the government fails to protect the farms then what is the purpose of the bridge? The government is spending large sums behind the bridge”.

The government has built the bridge, but where is the approach road? questioned Wagh. “On one side there is no space to build approach road; however, on the other side, construction of approach roads has started one and half years ago and is ongoing”, he said.

“Locals have lost their farming land due to the project, for which compensation has not been provided yet. Neither the MLA nor government is serious about this issue. The project should have been completed by now, Silveira has been legislator for the last 10 years, but has not been able to complete it and it will not be completed in the future either”, he added.

Meanwhile Wagh said that if AAP is voted to power, his top priority will be to reform Khazan farms. He said, “Khazan farming has become an important issue in St. André, where the auctioning of prawn sluice gates has been one of the main causes for flooding of the fields. Through the Khazan Action Committee (KAC), we have brought up this issue several times. The MLA, however, has not given it any attention”.

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