Relatives of Covid patients at GMC Super Speciality Block being treated badly. Govt must intervene immediately

Aam Aadmi Party Goa convener Rahul Mhambre visited the super specialty block of Goa Medical College and interacted with the relatives of patients undergoing treatment for covid there. He had lengthy discussions with the relatives to understand the problems they face at the hospital.Following the interaction, he demanded that the patients and their relatives be permitted to consume home cooked food brought from their houses. “The food cooked at home is not only nutritious but also hygienic and the patients and their relatives being used to that food would relish it in the tense hospital environment,” he said.He pointed out that at the old medical block home cooked food is allowed and sought to know why it is not allowed in the new block. “If necessary a kind of cafeteria be set up in the new block where the relatives could consume the food brought by them from home,” he said.Besides he demanded that proper resting facilities be provided for the relatives of the patients who have no such facility and are undergoing a lot of stress as it is because they have a covid patient in the hospital and no place to even rest.Rahul also demanded that proper drinking water facilities be provided for the relatives at the new block where they should also be provided with mobile charging facilities and strongly demanded that the PRO should stop being rude with the patients or their relatives.While pointing out that the patient is put to difficulty when the relative goes out to purchase medicines or some supplies, he demanded that the authorities provide at least two passes per patient admitted to the super specialty block.Rahul also suggested that all patients be provided with a bell so that they call for help in case of need and also appealed to increase the temperature in the Intensive Care Unit a little as patients were finding it to be too cold.