Revolutionary Goans all set to make Goa Green under Green Goa Initiative

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Revolutionary Goans all set to make Goa Green under Green Goa Initiative

Green Goa Initiative By Revolutionary Goans have targetted to plant 20k plants all over Goa. They had already kick-started their initiative planting pine trees on beaches. But today they took their drive at different locations of Goa and few locations were Taleigao, Nerul, Karapur, Latambarcem, Bicholim, Mayem, Tivrem, Marcel & Savoi Verem.

This initiative of making Goa Green is one of the dreams Revolutionary Goans are always focused on. Revolutionary Goans along with kids, youth, and even senior citizens were seen planting trees, on barren lands, and they even distributed trees to locals.

“The main focus of this drive is to promote forests and encourage people to grow trees. As we have seen so many trees cut in the name of development but the trees are never planted back and this has led to a drop in oxygen level. We have failed to protect trees and before its too late, we have to start growing such trees. This drive is important all over Goa, and revolutionary Goans are ready to plant trees and reach our target of planting 20k trees,” Revolutionary President Viresh Borkar.

Speaking to Shrikrishna Parab during the drive he said, “When we talk about development on infrastructure, the biggest hit is the ecosystem. The tamnar project has cut thousands of trees and Goa’s ecosystem is very badly affected. The government wants to compensate for the cutting of trees in Goa by planting new saplings in other states, which is illogical and only the government can eloborate on this; but we will continue this drive it’s our dream to see Goa Green.”

In Priol, the Green goa tree plantation drive was started in memory of Late Revolutionary Yatin Varang. Visvesh Naik speaking on the drive said, “This initiative was first launched at the home of our late Revolutionary hence we have started the initiative in Priol in his memory, we will be planting about 1,000 trees in the surrounding areas and our Green Goa initiative will plant about 20k trees all over Goa, it’s our turn to make Goa Green and balance this ecosystem. Yes, our revolutionaries are out working differently for Goa, hence it’s an appeal to all Goans to join in this Green Goa initiative.”

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