PANAJI: An emergency meeting of the Ribandar Health Centre Committee expressed serious and deep anguish over the undue delay in the Government approving the promised Health Care Centre at the Old Ribandar Hospital.

Adv Aires Rodrigues has stated that after due deliberation the Committee decided to  give the Goa Government a ten day deadline to approve the setting up of that fully fledged Health centrd at the Old Ribandar Hospital or face the brunt of the people.

Adv Rodrigues has further stated that the people’s agitation for a Health Care center at Ribandar will be launched in front of the Old Ribandar Hospital on 26th January, on the occasion of Republic Day.

Adv Rodrigues has also stated that Panaji MLA Babush Monserrate despite having assured that an appointment would be arranged soon with the Chief Minister had failed to ensure that the Ribandar delegation along with the members of the neighbouring panchayats could impress on the Chief Minister the need to urgently set up a fully fledged medical centre at the Old Ribandar Hospital  

Adv Rodrigues has also stated that despite a solemn promise by the government that a 30-bedded Health Care Centre would be set up at the Old Ribandar Hospital, it was surprising that the Government is lingering and dragging its feet on this very vital Health Care issue.

Adv Rodrigues has expressed utter dismay that while the Goa Goa Government was needlessly fast tracking unneeded projects it was deliberately hindering the setting up of a much needed Ribandar Health Centre at the Old Ribandar Hospital.

While appealing to the government not to take the people of Ribandar for granted, Adv Rodrigues has reiterated that this Health Centre issue has been a very longstanding demand which would also cater to the needs of the surrounding Panchayats.

Adv Rodrigues has still expressed the hope that with the support of the Chief Minister and the Health Minister that their MLA Monserrate would soon deliver on that promised State of the Art Health Centre at the Old Ribandar Hospital.