Porvorim: In order to cut down on the timing to transport Porvorim-based patients from their residences to the hospitals like Goa Medical College, local MLA Rohan Khaunte mentored ‘Porvorim Rising’ on Thursday provided a “Covid Assist” Ambulance to the local Health Centre.
Khaunte handed over the vehicle to Health Officer Dr. Vikas on Thursday, which will be available for the people from Porvorim to the patients to GMC or any other hospital in these times of pandemics.
The Health Department will deploy its driver on this Ambulance, which will be available for the people round the clock.
Khaunte said that the COVID-19 positive cases in Porvorim area are rising alarmingly leading to the increase of workload on the Health Centre and its infrastructure.
The MLA said that the Ambulance was a move to ease out a load of transporting the patients to the GMCH or other hospitals in case of emergencies.

Khaunte pointed out that the Health Centre had ‘testing’ and ‘vaccination’ facility in the same area due to which there was a fear of it becoming a super spreader.
He said that when issue was brought to the notice of CM, he immediately adopted corrective measures.
Khaunte lauded the efforts of the Health Officer, who is working overtime to control the pandemic situation. “There are improvements required but we have to fight it back together. This is not a time to get indulged in the blame game,” he said.
Referring to his interaction with the CM, Khaunte said that he has impressed upon the Chief Minister to draw a programme with the involvement of Deputy Collector and Health Officers for “micro management of the pandemic situation at every panchayat level.”