Margao – It is a sad situation all over as people are made to suffer only because the BJP Government failed to create health infrastructure & healthcare facilities. After transforming Goa as “Covid Purna”, the insensitive & irresponsible BJP Government in Goa announces to suspend all activities under Swayampurna Goa. With rising Covid deaths Central Government’s Aatmanirbhar Bharat mission has turned into “Mrutaatma Nirbhar India” stated Leader of Opposition Digambar Kamat.

It is frustrating, disgusting & painful to hear the cries of people begging for oxygen to save lives of their relatives. I am getting frequent calls from all over the State pleading for beds & timely treatments to Covid patients. Unfortunately, the Government is clueless, directionless & without any humanity charged Digambar Kamat.

It is important that Government sets aside all its priorities and focus only on saving lives. Stop all other expenditure and procure Covid Vaccines on topmost priority Digambar Kamat demanded.

I once again appeal to the Chief Minister Dr. Pramod Sawant and the BJP functionaries, shed your ego for the Sake of Goa and take every stakeholder on board to find a resolution to the crisis Digambar Kamat stated.

Today, the world has realised that the loud talks of Prime Minister Narendra Modi have pushed Indians in death trap. Other countries are now sending help to save human lives. We are dependent on other countries for breathing oxygen now. The tall claims of “Make in India” have completely fallen flat Digambar Kamat said.

I hope Goa Government will also realise blunders it has made and take everyone into confidence to find a resolution to put system in place. There is no Governance and there is no System exhisting in Goa Digambar Kamat said.

People of Goa need to take care of themselves by taking maximum precautions and staying at home. Let us all pray to God to save us from a bigger disaster said Digambar Kamat.