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Curdi Panchayat’s Sarpanch Domacio Barretto joined Aam Aadmi Party today in the the presence of AAP Goa Convenor Rahul Mhambre. Barretto said he was impressed by the honesty of Arvind Kejriwal and how the Aam Aadmi Party always puts people first in their governance. He stated that the village of Curdi has been completely ignored by the BJP Govt and the residents are suffering because of this. Barretto stated that it was only the politics of honesty of AAP that can save Goa.
Curdi village like most villages in Goa suffers from lack of connectivity via public transport, youth who need jobs and students who don’t have adequate internet connectivity for their online classes. The BJP govt in it’s slumber has been doing nothing to help villages like this leaving them to languish behind and their youth to fall behind the rest of the world. Villagers who need the simplest things from ration cards to Govt schemes are made to run around by the Sawant Sarkar’s babus making life difficult for all of them.
 Meanwhile AAP Goa has aggressively reached to villages like Curdi providing them services that the Govt refuses to from Oximeter checking campaigns to ration in the time of pandemic.AAP Goa’s Oximitra campaign reached out to Goenkars who were worried about the Coronavirus and needed guidance and to check their oxygen level. Many Goans who have been out of work  It was this honesty of purpose that attracted Domacio Barretto to the party
“The Govt has a lot of funds but no will to help Goenkars,” said Domacio Barretto. “Youth have no jobs, students don’t have internet to study and our village doesnt even have public transport for basic commuting! The fact of the matter is that while the BJP Govt is flush with funds they don’t seem to be interested in spending this on Goenkars. But AAP despite not being in power has reached out to Goa’s villages, provided them ration and also medical services like Oximeters. Many times AAP Volunteers also reached out and helped people get Oxygen concentrators and Oxygen cylinders too!”  added Barretto
“On the other hand when you look at Arvind Kejriwal you can see that he has made the politics of honesty a reality. He is the only leader in the country who not only finishes projects within budget but also below budget! In Goa we see many projects where costs are inflated by corruption and in the end the Goan taxpayer suffers” Barretto said. Goenkars have been suffering due to the impact of the lockdown, but the BJP govt has not even helped us. Meanwhile, Arvind Kejriwal has provided the people of Delhi world class healthcare and helped small businesses, rickshaw owners and taxikars during the lockdown. We need this model in Goa” Barretto added.
“Domacio Barretto’s joining is another example of how social workers and Goenkars of all hues look to AAP as the only hope for Goa. They know that the BJP & Congress are not interested in protecting Goa” said AAP Goa COnvenor Rahul Mhambre

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