The one thing that every government has to learn from this current Pandemic is that the top priority should now be to set up good and well equipped hospitals accessible to one and all, so that its citizens can be cared for and protected.

Over the years we have been pouring crores down the drain in building needless memorials and erecting statues in memory of politicians while failing to invest in augmenting our crumbling Health Infrastructure and disaster management.

With the pandemic raging, scientists predict that this Virus and its mutations will be around for a while. There is an absolute need for every government to look beyond its nose and to think out of the box to critically assess the fiscal expenditure while ensuring that it gets its priorities right. Priorities that will put the health, welfare and best interests of its citizens first.

The government should put on hold all recruitment of staff except those related to health care. With the Judiciary also running a skeleton service it would be prudent not to appoint any more judges at all levels including the High Court. As a step towards proper fiscal discipline in these critical times, the government must be cautious and vigilant not to create any unnecessary permanent liabilities. There has to be a total curb on all unnecessary and wasteful expenditure.

So as we continue to brace this galloping virus with very uncertain and unpredictable times ahead, it is hoped that there will be a firm and truthful resolve of the government to focus on the much needed enhancing of the Health care infrastructure by putting all its resources towards ensuring that no one has to die due to lack of proper medical care. Mahatma Gandhi had said ‘It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver’.