Sawant is doing rallies while refusing permission to AAP, says Rahul Mhambre

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Goa Police denied permission for AAP’s Tiranga Yatra scheduled for Wednesday in Panaji

Aam Aadmi Party’s Tiranga Yatra, scheduled for Wednesday in Panaji, was denied permission at the last minute by Goa Police.

AAP Goa convener stated that the BJP government itself has been conducting massive rallies while refusing permission to AAP.

While addressing the media on Wednesday Mhambre said, “Our letter was forwarded to the Collectorate office well in time. We had made all the arrangements and at the last minute they informed us that we must cancel the Tiranga Yatra. We have yet to receive a written reply”.

Adding he said, “After we asked why they denied permission, the CMO office replied that Panaji shop owners have complained that the rally will disrupt their business. They also stated that Covid and night curfew were the reasons for denial”.

He said, “The BJP government is busy conducting massive rallies and sabhas. The BJP government also granted permission for Sunburn Festival, but they are making excuses when AAP asks permission for the rally”.

“AAP is gaining huge support among Goans every day. A recent survey by popular media shows that AAP will receive 27 per cent of the vote, close to BJP, which is at 31 per cent. As a result of AAP’s popularity, the BJP government is scared. As seen in the mega rally in Campal as well as in surveys across the nation, AAP’s recent growth has shook the BJP. It is blatantly misusing state machinery against AAP to keep it from reaching out to people”, he added.

He said, “The AAP has recently revealed many examples of irregularities in health sector recruitment. Instead of addressing them, the BJP government has decided to prevent AAP’s activities.The BJP can’t silence AAP’s voice. We will continue raising our voices against all government illegalities and wrongdoings. We have the support of the common people”.

AAP leader Amit Palekar said, “Recently, Sawant addressed a rally. The government is busy holding mega events. But at that time, he didn’t remember the Covid cases. When it was necessary to restrict, he didn’t do it. Now he is implementing a night curfew. If the Covid cases rise again, Sawant is at fault”.

He further said, “The government must answer what they have done to curb the third wave. Recently, a group of volunteers went to GMC to inspect the facilities and found that newly appointed nurses were unable to take blood samples. Goans will be adversely affected by the hiring of unqualified and untrained staff”.

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