Seafarer & AAP leader Capt Venzy welcomes decision of Govt on prioritising Vaccines for Seafarers.

Capt Viegas on Sunday welcomed the Govt’s announcement to prioritise vaccines for seafarers stating it is better late than never. Capt Viegas had on 27th May filed a PIL before the Bombay High Court in Goa requesting seafarers be treated as frontline workers in Goa as it is being done in other parts of the country notably Kerala. Capt Viegas had also been making this demand through other channels and had visited the CM’s residence a day before filing the PIL with a delegation.

“I welcome the decision of the Govt. to prioritise vaccines for seafarers.It’s better late than never. The govt. should not have waited for me to move the high court to prioritise vaccines for us.” said Capt Viegas. “The AAM AADMI PARTY has always been fighting for the welfare of the citizens of this country and shall continue to do so.

A special word of appreciation for my lawyers Adv. Ryan Menezes and Adv A. Clovis da Costa for filing the petition for safeguarding the rights of the seafarers.” added Viegas.

He also added that the Kerala Govt had reduced the wait period for seafarers between injections and requested the Govt to do the same. Further, he requested the Govt to permit beneficiaries going abroad to take Covishield as per the previous schedule of 4–6 weeks and to make provisions in the CoWIN portal to document such vaccination given at 4 -6 weeks.Viegas  stated: “

I Request the Govt to come with a clear SOP for seafarers & request to have Seafarers Passport Number included on the Vaccination certificate.

We further are willing to be volunteers at the MPT/ vaccination Center’s to help the team for smooth & save vaccination” .