PORVORIM: Independent MLA Rohan Khaunte has expressed happiness over the action by Enforcement Directorate (ED) in connection with Communidade of Serula scam and has said that he is ready to share whatever information that is available with him over this land scam affecting the age-old institution.

Khaunte was reacting after ED sleuths raided residences of four accused in Communidade of Serula scam including Rajesh Verenkar, Agnelo Lobo and two others. He said that the scam also finds its link to Socorro panchayat sarpanch Sandeep Vazarkar.

The MLA along with Curtorim Congress legislator Aleixo Reginaldo Lourenco had raised this issue on the floor of the House highlighting how a coterie in the Communidade of Serula was weakening the age-old institution through their land grab scam.

“Unfortunately, instead of acting upon the BJP was busy in purification process. The last tract of land which was fraudulently transferred where the Soccoro sarpanch was involved and signed on behalf of his dead father,” he said.

Khaunte recalled that the FIR was filed in connection with the scam but the investigation was pushed under the carpet due to which he and Reginaldo had written to the ED and other Central agencies highlighting how government exchequer was looted. The subtle money laundering through these deals were also exposed in the letters.

The Porvorim MLA said that he is happy that these letters are finding action in the agencies. “Serula Comunidade of Gaonkar and Gaonkari system needs to continue. I congratulate and welcome what agency like ED has done today by raiding houses of those people who were involved in this for long,” Khaunte said.

“I don’t expect Goa government not police to take any action as they are busy victimizing the people.”

“As far as Serula is concerned, I am happy that action has started. I am happy to share whatever information the want from me. The issue which I had raised in last assembly session is finding justice.”

 “Let Serula Communidade gets cleaned. BJP also needs cleansing. Reginaldo should also give his viewpoint on this thing,” Khaunte mentioned.